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Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Bites

Looking for a sweet yet simple treat for the holidays? These dark chocolate pomegranate bites are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Not only do they taste amazing, they're filled with antioxidants. And the best part is that you'll only need 10 minutes to prepare. Let's get to it!

Chocolate Stuffed Raspberries

How good do these chocolate stuffed raspberries look? Soo good, right? I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and although I eat super clean, sweets are my weakness. Whenever my cravings creep up, I turn to these because there is nothing worse than feeling deprived! All you need are some fresh raspberries, dark chocolate chips and a cute bowl to display them in ;)

Almond Milk Ice Cubes

You guys, almond milk coffee cubes..whoever thought of this is a genius! So simple yet so practical. Ugh I love them. Anyways, I made these this weekend and it was such a positive choice. When I drink coffee I try my hardest to avoid sugary creamers. Not really my style, you know? So if you're like me and looking for a healthy way to mix up your morning coffee, give these a try!

Food Diary: What I Eat In A Typical Day

I have to admit, I haven't always been the healthiest individual. It actually wasn't until college that I realized the importance of a good diet and that food really is fuel. Since my decision to start living a healthier lifestyle, I've traded late night pizza in for food with whole ingredients that will push me in the direction of my goals. Here is what works for me and what I eat in a typical day. 

Morning Detox Tea

There is no better feeling than a good cleanse. Seriously, I'm a huge fan of detoxing. I'm not one to totally restrict myself, but from time to time I will go through periods where I'll take a long break from alcohol, up my water intake and eat cleaner. It's amazing at what a week or two of detoxing can do for you. My goal for September is to do just that. DETOX. It's been a long summer and with fall just around the corner, I can't think of a better time to start incorporating this into my morning routine.